MMXX – Hypa Hypa Edition

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07.01.22 | MUNICH
08.01.22 | PRATTELN
09.01.22 | MILAN
11.01.22 | VIENNA
12.01.22 | BUDAPEST
14.01.22 | LUDWIGSBURG
15.01.22 | COLOGNE
16.01.22 | ANTWERP
18.01.22 | AMSTERDAM
19.01.22 | LONDON
20.01.22 | PARIS
21.01.22 | OFFENBACH
22.01.22 | LEIPZIG
24.01.22 | KRAKOW
25.01.22 | PRAGUE
26.01.22 | BERLIN
27.01.22 | HAMBURG
29.01.22 | DRESDEN
30.01.22 | ROSTOCK
02.02.22 | HANNOVER
03.02.22 | SAARBRÜCKEN


31.03.22 | Novosibirsk
02.04.22 | Yekaterinburg
04.04.22 | Samara
06.04.22 | Rostov-On-Don
07.04.22 | Krasnodar
09.04.22 | Moscow
10.04.22 | St. Petersburg


When the EP “MMXX” was released last September, it marked a crucial point in the career of ESKIMO CALLBOY, with Nico Sallach (formerly To The Rats And Wolves) celebrating his debut as second frontman. In this new line-up, the carefree fun of the early days has returned. With freshly styled mullets and moustaches, the guys put the pedal to the metal and celebrate a colorful metalcore party. This is funfair, this is cotton candy, this is roller coaster – great ride here, be there! 

Especially the single “Hypa Hypa” shot through the roof in record time! Meanwhile, the hit has 21 million plays at the popular streaming portals and 11 million views on Youtube – and the trend is still rising!  

ESKIMO CALLBOY have taken this sensational success as an opportunity to completely reinterpret their hit with The Boss Hoss and with Sasha. While they gallop straight to the saloon bar with the Berlin cowboys in a drinking-friendly country manner, they conjure up coherent retro vibes with the current “The Masked Singer” winner to eighties disco beats. That’s how features go! 

In addition, four other artists have been inspired to create highly original cover versions of “Hypa Hypa”: Saltatio Mortis put the party-core smash hit into medieval garb with bagpipe power, the 257ers rap their way through the McDrive in cool German, We Butter The Bread With Butter turn the knobs up to eleven with a rude deathcore brawl and Axel One shows the sheer inexhaustible potential of the Hypa hookline with a trancy ballad. 

Last but not least, the DJ duo Gestört aber GeiL delivers a remix that will make dance halls all over the country shake. 

The fact that so many renowned acts have taken up the hit shows the class of this composition, which works in all facets, and is an accolade for ESKIMO CALLBOY, which ennobles the Castrop entertainers, despite all their shrill party attitude, as songwriters to be taken seriously.

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